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애완용 Full Spectrum CBD Extract 입니다.  항상 우리곁에 있는 반려견(묘)가 나이들어감에 따라 관절에 무리가 오고 그밖에 많은 통증으로 힘들어 하는경우를 많이 보게 됩니다.  CBD가 효과적으로  통증을 완화시켜줌은 물론,  그밖에 anxiety 그리고 예민해서 잠을 못자는 등의 여러 문제들에 많은 도움이 되고 있습니다.


Organic Hemp를 이용하여 식물성 기름에 녹인후,  믿을 만한 기관에 성분분석을 하여 그 품질을 인정받았습니다. 그 어떤 제품보다 안전하고 정직한 hemp를 이용하여 만든 최상급의 제품입니다.

Pet Full Spectrum CBD Oil (900mg/30ml)

SKU: 0006
  • CBD concentration

    1ml of liquid volume contains 17mg of CBD. The dropper is designed to hold this volume with 1 full deppresion of the dropper, but is not consistently accurate if precise dosing is needed. At this low concentration the variation is minimal and dosing “per dropper” is safe and recommended for animals requiring 15-17mg per dose. One single drop of CBD extract contains 0.4mg of CBD



    Each individual animal’s requirements are different based on primary concerns (anxiety, pain management, seizure control, etc.) and existing endocannabinoid function. Due to the fact that endocannabinoid function cannot be measured, it is recommended that a low “starting dose” is implemented with the understanding that this can be increased slowly to find the lowest, effective dose per day. Many animals are well managed at the starting dose, but directions to increase this dose safely are included below. Dogs 2 years and older Recommended “Starting Dose” is 1mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight, twice daily. •For example, a 5lb Chihuahua would be given 0.5mg of CBD twice daily as a starting dose. A 20lb beagle would be given 2mg of CBD twice daily as a starting dose. The liquid may be dropped onto a treat or directly in the mouth. Dogs less than 2 years of age Please contact your veterinarian directly for more information.


    Safety consideration

    During the process to find an effective dose do NOT exceed 1mg of CBD per ONE POUND of body weight. Contact your veterinarian if you reach this dose and clinical benefit is not appreciated. This means if you have a 10lb dog, do not exceed 10mg of CBD per dose. CBD is an extremely safe supplement and this dose is not considered dangerous, but e

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